How Does Our Sure-Level Foundation System™ Work?

Our Sure-Level Foundation Systemwas created to be stronger than most other foundation repair systems out there. Our system is custom fabricated in-house and made 100% from steel.

Step 1 - The Inspection

We will complete our foundation inspection and shoot elevations at the property. By taking elevations, we can draw out where the homes foundation is failing.

After our quote is approved, we will have a 3rd party engineer tell us exactly how many piers need to be installed & where they need to be installed. Now is the time that we would pull all required city permits as well.

We pull permits and use an engineer on each and every foundation job that we complete.

Step 2 - Digging the Holes

To start out, we will mark all of our holes and start digging. (sometimes we will need to install piers in the interior of your home. In this case, we will need to break up concrete. Don't worry, once we are finished you wouldn't even be able to tell!)

We take the dirt from each hole we dig and place it in heavy duty bags. This way, we make MUCH less of a mess.
When we dig our holes, we use bags to keep the work area tidy.

Step 3 - Driving the Piers

Once all of our holes are dug up, we will now start installing the steel piers. We press them into the earth with a special hydraulic press until they either: reach bedrock or reach 10,000 PSI. This will ensure that the piers are strong enough to support the weight of your home.

Step 4 - Lifting the Home

Now that we have all of the piers installed, we can now actually lift the home. To do this, we will install brackets & jacks at each hole.  The home will now be lifted in unison (while simultaneously taking measurements) to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed and that the home is lifted to a level state.

After the home is lifted, we weld each pier before removing the jacks.

The home is now level again! But the job isn't finished just yet!

We lift the home in unison.

Step 5 - Almost There!

Before we can start filling in the holes, we must get the installation approved by the engineer. He will make sure everything is installed to spec before we backfill.

Step 6 - The Cleanup

After we get the "green light" from the engineer, we can now fill each hole back up with dirt.

If we had to remove concrete, we will repair the holes with fresh concrete and get them looking great again.

When we need to install interior piers, we mix fresh concrete to patch our holes cleanly.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our work is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

When you choose us for foundation repair, you will get a lifetime transferable warranty. So if you ever decide to sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to its new owner.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business!

Give us a call at 210-879-8521 if you have any questions, or book a free inspection online HERE.