How to Spot Foundation Issues

Cracks, gaps and more can be serious signs of foundation issues with your home. If you think you may be experiencing issues with your foundation, it is always better to get it looked at by a professional before the repair can cause more damages.

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Cracked Drywall

The walls in your home are built to last. Any sudden or unusual cracks in your drywall should grab your attention.

If you notice your drywall cracking, crumbling, or wallpaper wrinkling, that is a good sign that your foundation is not strong.

Cracks in your drywall

Doors & windows are “sticking”

Fixing a stuck door or window is usually an easy fix. However, that does not mean it's always a minor problem.

If the windows or doors in your home are sticking or having trouble closing, you could very likely be having problems with your foundation. This happens because once the house begins to sag, it is no longer square.

Trouble opening & closing windows/doors

Cracks in the walls or floor

If you are starting to see cracks on your walls & floor is not normal. Sometimes, the foundations movement can be enough to crack tiles & lift your flooring.

Cracks on your flooring

Nails popping out of drywall

Nails popping out of your drywall is a good indication that your home has foundation issues.

Nail pops

Don't forget about your plumbing!

It is always important to correct your out-of-level foundation to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem than it already is. If you allow your homes foundation to get worse, you are putting your homes plumbing at risk.

When you have a plumbing break, the cost to repair comes much bigger because often times tunnels will have to be dug in order for us to get to (and repair) the broken pipe.

Plumbing repair

Lifetime Warranty

Our Sure-Level Foundation System is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

When you choose us for foundation repair, you will get a lifetime transferable warranty. So if you ever decide to sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to its new owner.

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